Monday, February 27, 2006


Haere Mai / Welcome, Due to the task of preparing a hangi - food cooked in a pit in the ground - I have included a website address for you, rather than try and explain it all to you myself. You would end up krazier than me, if you had to read "my way" !!! (Hey, that's not a bad idea, then I wouldn't be alone - hehe !!!)

"How to prepare a hangi"
Once it's cooked, I don't think I need to tell you how to eat it, apart of course from - "use your fingers" !!!

Hints -
It's a great way to prepare a feast for a crowd, but give it a try, a couple of times in a small way. Don't try and prepare a hangi for a crowd, your first time out or the only food you will see, will the half-cooked food people throw at you.
Ask !!! Maybe there is someone in your club or group that has been there, done that !!! If they help, tell how many people they are welcome to invite to share in the hangi. If you don't set a number, they could turn up with all their realations & more !!! (hehe)
If "lunchtime" is set for 12 noon, be prepared to get out of bed at "sparrows fart" - the crack of dawn - to get a pit dug and the fire going.

Anyone is welcome to leave a comment if they have any "hints" !!!

Well, that's it for me !!! Who's up next ???