Monday, August 14, 2006

Kia Ora (Hello), Another day, another 3 prepare or eat out or whatever it is that you do. Most of the time, I have toast on peanut butter (nooooo, that shouldn't be peanut butter on toast, because you haven't seen how much peanut butter I put on my toast !!!) and coffee and another coffee and another coffee, when I get to work. It's good for you isn't it - coffee - if you can believe what they print in the papers.

Anyway been the 13th, I thought I would ramble on just a little bit, so I had a post of sorts on here. Then while searching thru the blog world I came across this blog - seeuseat !!! Whether it has anything to do with if you can seeuseat or not I don't know, but after reading thru it, I think I have put on a few pounds "just looking" !!! As it turns out the name of the blog isn't see u seat but......... See Us Eat !!! Maybe I need glasses or a glass or two to go with all the food !!! (hehe)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kia Ora (Hello) When I was searching the blog world - like I do - a foodie blog popped up. I was going to mention the name of the blog here, but.........!!! I will have another look thru it first. It made mention of "Pepper Ice Cream" ??? Has anyone tried it ?

When you go to the supermarket, it's hard to know what ice cream to buy as the selection is so great with a number of companies producing ice cream.

One of the best ice cream companies in NZ is Kapiti Fine Foods which produces a wide variety of ice cream flavours including - Fig & Honey; Gingernut; Honey & Kiwifruit; Green Tea; Lemongrass & Ginger and Lemon Meringue to name just a few. They also produce a wide selection of cheese.