Sunday, November 05, 2006

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"Spolit For Choice"

We, New Zealander's are spoilt for choice when it comes to the amount & the variety of food available not only in our food stores, supermarkets, service/petrol stations with mini supermarkets which are open 24/7 but also the variety of food available from takeaways, restaurants and cafes. Last year, NZ had a total of 3524 takeaway outlets, as well as 6705 restaurants & cafes. New food places seem to be sprouting up all the time and one place that has sprouted is the Nosh Gourmet Food Market in Glen Innes, one of Auckland's suburbs. I haven't been out there to have a look yet, but one day.........!!! From what I have heard from friends though is that it's a great place for '"fresh food", although a little on the high side price wise, but it's the same old story - you get what you pay for and when you pay a little extra, well you get top-nosh !!! Don't take my word or my friend's word for it - check it out for yourself, if you just happen to be out that way.

Spud Lovers !!

It seems that people in the deep south who love oysters, pay top $ to get the first of the season's harvest, while here in the north, people will do the same to get the first of the season's new potatoes - Jersey Benne !!! The new potatoes are intitally selling at $10 per kilo - a dollar up on last season's prices but the price is expecting to drop to $8 per kilo. The grower planted his organic crop in June and is just starting to harvest them now. As more potatoes from other growers start to be harvested, the price is expected to drop to $5 per kilo.