Wednesday, May 17, 2006

# 6. Kangkung - Water Convolvulus

This is a South East Asia dish...cant tell for sure which country started this first or whatsoever. All I know is you can get it almost everywhere in S.E.A. be t Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam,Indonesia or get what I meant.

Check Wikipedia for more info on this vegetable. There are 2 species that I know of land and water. The water base specie is thought to be tender and sweeter. The land specie.....tougher and more fibre.

I dont have a specific recipe to follow. Its all just from experience and watching others cooking it.

You will need

The vegetable of course - Kangkung

Dried Shrimp


Belacan or prawn paste or here

Oil and Seasoning

Firstly, cut up the roots and then depending on how you want it. I usually leave them at about 6 inches in length as they will wittle once cooked. What am I talking about ? Cut them up into about 4 - 6 inches in length. There, isnt it better. Wash and drain.

Soaked the dried shrimp in running water for about 10 minutes. Drain and pound. Blend the chilli. Heat up a pan or wok, chuck the belacan into the heated pan or wok and toast the belacan. Remove and set aside. Using the same pan or wok, place a enough oil to sauteed the pounded dried shrimp till fragrant. Add in the toasted belacan and blended chilli. Be extra careful now as the fume will make you sneeze....chuckle. Do adjust the amount to your taste.

Lastly, dump the kangkung and stir or tosses them till they are fully cooked. Adjust seasoning. Dont think you will need salt or soy sauce as the dried shrimp and belacan is salty enough.

Till then

Enjoy !

Cheers !

Thursday, May 11, 2006

# 5. Fried Vermicelli

Invited by our New Zealander friend Kelvin and having recently just cooked up something after some time, decided to contribute to his blog.

This dish was inspire by my wife. It is actually called Fried Beehoon in Malaysia - beehoon as in Hokkien or called Fujian dialect for vermicelli.

Here's what you need

Vermicelli - dried - about 100 gm - soaked in cold water till soft. Or you can use hot water and then rinsed off with cold water. Drain

Bean paste - 50 gm - minced
Black Mushroom - 50 gm - soaked till soft and julienne
Meat - i uses chicken - 50 gm thin slices
Chilli - 1 piece or number - chopped
Garlic - 2 cloves - chopped.
Oyster Sauce
Dark Soy Sauce
Sugar ( optional )

In a hot wok, pour a little oil from the side. Once hot, sauteed the bean paste till fragrant. Add in the black mushroom, meat, chilli, garlic and sauteed for a few seconds. Dump in some oyster sauce and dark soy sauce to your taste. Add some water and bring to a boil. Lower heat. Pour in the vermicelli and stir with a chopstick or tong till well mixed with the sauce like liquid.

Served hot.

I actually did flambe with a little Shao Xing Rice Wine. Its optional though. You can also served this with some julienne chilli and some fresh coriander leaves.

Cheers !