Saturday, October 14, 2006

Curry Flavour Mushrooms - Nothing New

A company is selling small brown, curry-scented milkcap mushrooms (10 pound for 250 grams) which are said to be a natural food that grows wild in their country. When I mentioned the fact to Granny Smith, she said that curry-scented mushrooms were nothing new. She said that many moons ago when she grew her own mushrooms in cold & damp places she used to mix packets of curry powder into the mix in which the "mushrooms" grew. The mushrooms picked up the "curry" which resulted in "curry-tasting" mushrooms, so there you go. Also when she saw mushrooms growing wild on her property she made up a "curry mix" and feed that to the mushrooms . Another thing she used to grow was "pink daffodils" !!! They will be a couple of the things, I will grow on my property, when I get old(er). As for mushrooms, well I already have friends who treat me like a mushroom - "they fed me shit and keep me in the dark" !!! (hehe)

Healthy Food ???

The Board of Health in New York is out to keep New Yorker's healthy with a proposal to ban cooks at any of its more than 24,000 food service establishments from using ingredients containing the artery-clogging substance, commonly listed on labels as partially hydrogenated oil, otherwise known as artificial trans-fat. Under the proposal, which has yet to be approved, restaurants would need to get artificial trans-fat out of cooking oils, margarine and shortening by next July 1st and all other foodstuffs by July lst, 2008. The proposal would create a huge problem for national fastfood chains.The ban would not affect grocery stores and would not apply to naturally occuring trans-fats found in some meat and dairy products. A similar ban has been proposed in Chicago, but is still under consideration.

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beat 500g softened butter, 1 & 1/4 cups of brown sugar, and 1 - 395gram can of condensed milk in a bowl until light & fluffy. Combine together 2 cups self-raising flour & 3 cups plain flour and add to the mix.Stir in 500g Dark chocolate bits.Roll 1/3 cupfuls of mix into balls. Place 4 at a time on greased oven trays . Press balls to form a 10cm circle. Cook in a moderate oven, 180 degrees C for about 15 minutes or until lightly browned.

Ice Cream !!!

Street's Ice Cream one of the oldest brands of ice cream, is made by Unilever Foods. It is also one of the several different brands sold in supermarkets & dairies, throughout Australia & NZ. With so many brands avaiable, it is difficult trying to "pick" what sort of ice cream to choose.

More Ice Cream.......

One of NZ's own ice cream companies, Tip Top Ice Cream was started in 1935. Some of NZ's favourites would have to be - Hokey Pokey; French Vanilla and just plain Vanilla. As well as supermarkets & dairies, there are small shops in the shopping malls, which sell nothing but ice creams and or sorbets. There are also "mobile ice cream" trucks, which ply their trade driving around the streets playing a tune, which would have to be the second worst tune, next to that frog or whatever you like to call him.

Peppercorns !!!

Peppercorns grow as a symbiotic climbing vine called "piper nigrum" on a tall thin tree in India, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The berries are green, then ripen to bright red and hang in clusters like grapes.
Black pepper is the unripe berries that have been picked by hand and then left toi dry and shrivel in the sun.
White pepper ripens on the vine than is hand-picked, soaked and milled to remove the outer skin. Because of this treatment, they never taste as aromatic as the black ones.
Green peppercorns are picked unripe then freeze-dried or preserved in jars.
Pink peppercorns which come from South America have a mild flavour and are appreciated for their colour.
It is best to grind peppercorns as you need them, not only because the smell tickles your tastebuds, but because once ground, pepper rapidly loses it's flavour.
Pepper is of course a stimulant, a diuretic, improves sexual ardour, reduces fever and aids digestion. If food is love, pepper enchamces that love with mystery & eartiness.

Grind a peppercorn or two over a "dish of softened ice cream" and......... ???

I'll be back............