Sunday, January 14, 2007


Please Note: I have dated this post 2008, for the sole purpose of this post staying at the top so..........please scroll down for 2007 posts. Once I get a chance, I'll start listing food blogs on the side-bar.

January Listings



New December Listings - Canada x 2 / USA / Thailand

I still need "foodie blogs" from other countries to list here !!!

Invites will go out to friends, to post their favourite recipe. I will include the "password" so all they have to do is type up their recipe and email it - it will post straight on to the blog.

Argentina - Pomelo Pleasures

Australia - The Housewives Calendar of Puddings
Australia - Oz Tucker

Australia - The Old Foodie
Canada - Is that my buréka? New - Listed 13th December

Canada - Frugal Cuisine Posted 24th December
India -
Sailu's Indian Food
Japan - She who Eats

Malaysia - FooDcrazEE Recipe #2

Malaysia - Have Your Cake And Eat It Too !!!

Malaysia - Pearl Of The Orient Listed 13th August. Please Note: She has stopped posting, but her blog is still up. We live in the hope, that she will return !!!

New Zealand - Open to anyone ??? Come on !!! Where are you ???

Peru - Peru Food Listed 14th January 07

Singapore - Tazz In The Kitchen

Thailand - Thai-Pan Listed 24th Dec.
Vietnam -
Vietnamese God
UK - Xochitl Cooks
USA - Sweet Sensations
USA - Bunnyfoot

USA - Food For Thought Listed 20th Dec.